Life doesn’t always go the way we planned. Accidents happen, sometimes to us, other times because of us. Unfortunately, legal issues can be incredibly difficult to navigate through, there’s a reason attorneys spend seven years after high school becoming qualified for their jobs.


But what if you’re not exactly sure if you need an attorney or not? What is a free consultation?

If you think you may have a case or need legal advice, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about free case reviews. We’ll show you what they are, what they cover, and where to go next.


What Is a Free Consultation or Case Review?


A free consultation is a meeting with an expert attorney to discuss your potential case. They will assess the information you provide and advise you on the most appropriate course of action. The goal is to provide you with a stress and hassle-free environment to make your case review.

The attorney will also ask you important questions about the event or case. They’ll ask you what happened in your own words and for any evidence you possess. Expect the attorney to be completely upfront with you, even if it means telling you that you don’t have a viable case.


What Types of Cases Are Covered?


What is a free consultation with an attorney and what does it cover? While we can’t speak for every law firm offering free consultations, we can tell you what we cover. We specialize in the following fields:

Slip and fall

Employee rights

Brain injury

Defective products

Insurance/bad faith

Wrongful death


If you’re involved in any of the above cases, contact us immediately to see if you have a case, learn what you’re entitled to, and seek just compensation for any damages.


How to Prepare for a Case Review


While preparing for your case review, you may be wondering “Do lawyers charge for consultation?” Even if you’re offered a free consultation, it may be difficult to accept that legal advice can be free. 


We assure you, with our consultations, they are 100% free. However, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for the meeting. In order for us to help you with our maximum capabilities, we need as much information as possible. You should bring all case-related evidence, such as documents, pictures, videos, emails, text messages, police reports, etc.


Is Attorney-Client Privilege Respected?


Regardless of the results of your free consultation, we always respect attorney-client privilege. The information you share with us will remain with us. However, if it’s a major concern to you, it never hurts to ask before consulting with an attorney.


How Much Information Can I Get With a Free Case Review?


In a free case review, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about moving forward. We’ll talk to you about whether or not you have a case, what damages you may be entitled to, and potential defense strategies from the other side. We’ll then advise you on what you need to do next.


Need a Consultation?


If you’re facing legal issues, we can help. Contact us today to inquire about a free case review and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. We can help further answer the question of “What is a free consultation?” and provide valuable insight to help you move on with your life.