What happens when you face mounting medical bills for an illness or injury, but you can’t afford to pay them? It’s not uncommon for people to be one expensive hospital or medical treatment away from financial ruin. About 137 million Americans currently face medical debt due to high medical bills and unexpected injuries or illnesses. 


Before you decide to stop treatment or choose to ignore your bills, the medical bill dispute process could help you reduce or eliminate a significant portion of your medical debt. In many cases, having a knowledgeable outside source review your medical case can help when disputing medical bills. Keep reading to learn more!


Who Is Responsible For Paying Medical Bills?


You are responsible for paying medical bills that aren’t covered by your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, you are responsible for the full cost of all of your medical treatments. However, how much you pay in the end isn’t always the same amount as the amount on the bills you have. 


If possible, always research your out-of-pocket expenses before receiving medical treatment. In some cases, you can negotiate your financial requirements before a procedure. However, in an emergency, you might not have time to pre-arrange a payment amount or installment plan. When you get the bill after your treatment, you might question some of the costs as you review the line items for medicines, procedures, and equipment. 


How Do I Know If I Received Unfair Charges?


Have you ever had a hospital visit where you walk away and it feels like they just gave you a Band-Aid and called it a day? That single Band-Aid that could cost you more than a year’s supply of Band-Aids that you can get at your local store. This can definitely feel like an unfair charge. However, it can be challenging to know if the charges you see on a hospital bill are fair considering the circumstances of your hospitalization and treatment.


The best way to know if you’ve received unfair charges is to have a lawyer review your bills and see if you have a case for dispute. They can analyze your situation and review the billing statements to help determine the best way to proceed with a medical billing dispute. 

What Kind of Lawyer Can Help Me With a Dispute? 


You need a lawyer with experience handling medical disputes and malpractice. An experienced medical dispute lawyer can assess your situation and represent your dispute when working with healthcare facilities, insurance companies, or your employer to reduce the amount you owe. 


Under What Circumstances Can I File a Dispute?


A lawyer can help you file a dispute if you’re struggling to pay medical bills from an on-the-job slip-and-fall injury or if you’re financially unable to pay for the cost of treatment for a sudden illness. You could also be the victim of a medical billing error, which can justify filing a billing dispute


Get Help When Disputing Medical Bills


Disputing medical bills without the help of an experienced lawyer can cost you time and more money—in addition to what you owe in medical costs. Let Free Case Review help! Contact us to support your medical bill dispute and reduce your financial burden!